Friday, September 10, 2010

Twilight Birthday Cards!

This year for my good friends Lauren, Alice, and Willa I decided to make them "Twilight" birthday cards. Last year I made them Hello Kitty cards, so this year I thought I'd make something different.
I chose Edward for Lauren because I think she's team Edward. I used the colors: black (vampires), red (blood), and a shimmery pearl color (for his skin when in the light). Plus, I had already chosen Jacob for Willa, so Lauren was left with Edward. :-)

For Alice it was obvious to use Alice Cullen :) Plus I think that's her favorite character. Alice's favorite colors are red and pink, so I was happy to find a shimmery pink color to use as the main piece. I thought the sentiment matched perfectly.

Lastly, for Willa I chose Jacob. I think she's team Jacob because she mentioned she owned a pair of denim shorts just like the one he wears in the movie. Her favorite color is also blue. So for the card I used blue (denim shorts) and brown (werewolf).

Happy birthday LPK and A&W! Hope to visit you in LA soon!!

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