Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tyler's 1st "Dino-Mite" Birthday Card - Spots and Dots

Yesterday was Brian's nephew Tyler's 1st birthday! I can't believe he is 1 already. Time flies by so fast!

I made this birthday card for him to go with my gift. Brian gave him cash and I bought him navy blue baby crocs shoes! I hope to take a picture of him wearing them so I can upload it to my blog. I thought it would come in very handy since he's walking now.

This is also perfect timing for the MBM Challenge: Spots and Dots. Since I decided to use the sentiment "Dino-mite", I wanted to find patterned paper that resembled fireworks.

Friday, June 18, 2010

More Graduation Cards!

I was asked to make 2 graduation cards for my co-worker Cindy. One of them is for a HS graduate and the other is for MS. She specifically requested criss-cross cards, with clean lines and designs. For the girl she wanted pink, but more of a fushcia color. Here they are!

Daddy's Birthday and Father's Day - Lakers Win!

Wow, what a championship series that was! I practically chewed off all of my finger nails watching Game 7 last night. (I have a bad habit of biting my nails. Imagine how I get when I'm nervous!) It was such a sloppy game, and I was nervous that the Lakers weren't going to pull it off. Kobe was cold but luckily Gasol and Artest backed him up. Finally halfway through the 4th, the Lakers were back on track and I'm so glad they pulled it off! 2010 NBA Champs! dad's birthday is June 20th which is the same day at Father's Day. I won't be able to spend it with him because he is driving down to LA to visit my sister. He visited me last, so now it's time to visit her. He doesn't ask for anything because he always says "Don't spend your money, I don't need anything". So, typically every year we go out to dinner or something because to him if we're spending money at least it's on food :) I emailed him earlier this month to ask if he wanted a new computer. The computer he uses is from when my sister was in HS. It's SO OLD! But he has the patience to deal with it. I told him I found a great deal online for a new desktop and that we were going to buy it for him, but he still said no.
So right after that email he sends a new one. My dad just started using the computer a few years ago, and he's not that technically savy with the computer. When he writes emails, they are usually just a few sentences long and about 50% of the time, he remembers to type something in subject line. June 7th, I get a cute email from. "Hi Anna.We go to L.A on June 19,can you tell Tracy buy me a Laker hat for my birthday.Dad." Copied and pasted straight from my inbox. It doesn't surprise me, I had one of those Laker flags you hang on your car window (during the 3-peat years and everyone in LA had one on their car). He wanted one so bad, so I gave him mine. Then I bought him a Laker t-shirt and he wears it proudly in central CA.
Below is a card I made for my dad the Laker fan.

Monday, June 14, 2010

MCT Challenge

This is a card that I decided to make for the My Creative Time challenge. The challenge was to use the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge with the colors red, blue, and brown. SYI is one of the older cartridges so I had a hard time figuring out which images to use. Not only that but the colors blue, red, and brown are pretty hard to work with. Here is what I came up with. The "swirlies" are from SYI and the monkey is from CAC.

UPDATE: I won the challenge!! I woke up early one  morning and decided to check Emma's MCT website. She announced the winners in one of her videos. I decided to watch it anyway not thinking that I would win, and when I heard my name I was in shock. Then I replayed the video again so Brian could hear it too :) This is the first time I've ever won a challenge before. I won a set of face stamps from Peachy Keen Stamps. I can't wait to start using them.  

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Kitty Thank You!

The twins Alice and Willa went to Korea to visit their parents last month. I really miss hanging out with them. It was always nice to know they lived just 10 mins away and would be up for shopping, grabbing dinner, Pinkberry/Yogurtland, or playing softball. I went to LA Memorial Day weekend for a friend's wedding and was able to squeeze in a dinner with them at one of our favorite restaurants Kotosh. (Japanese-Peruvian! Oh so yummy!) They brought me a gift back from Korea....a RED Hello Kitty umbrella! That was very sweet and so thoughtful of them. I know it will come in very handy since it rains in the bay area. I'll open it up outside of the house and take a picture to post later. (You know, superstitions and all :) So as a thank you to them, I made them Hello Kitty Thank You cards in their coordinating colors. I also found really cute "rainy day" scrapbooking paper to match. Everything that Alice owns is usually red or pink. Everything that Willa owns is blue, black, or grey.
Willa was amazed at what she calls my "display" cards. How they don't look like cards, but more of a display. I think she's referring to the easel cards. So I made her card an easel fold. For Alice, I thought it would be fun to do the shutter card. I'm glad you like the cards ladies!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MBM Challenege #5

My friend Shiwonda is travelling to Florida this weekend for her SIL's (sister-in-law) HS graduation. She asked me to make a card for her. She sent me a link of the website and the colors are blue and gold. I even googled some pictures online to check out the shades of colors on uniforms, logos, etc. because "blue and gold" varies by school. UCLA is blue and gold, but our blue is a "powder blue" :)
I'm also entering in this card for the Made By Momo Challege #5. The challenge is to make a graduation or congratulations card. The winner will be picked at random and will win the Cindy Loo cartridge. This cartridge was just released, so I'm crossing my fingers that I win so I can add it to my cartridge collection.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get Well Soon LPK!

My friend and softball teammate Lauren recently sprained her ankle. Ouch! I hope she gets well soon as I hear she has a huge hiking trip planned in Europe next month. I decided to make her a get well card with the pig from the CAC cartridge. It's a lil' itty bitty 3x3 card. I forgot to take a picture at home with the digi camera before I left for work, so I had to use my camera phone. Her nickname is "Piggy", she even has it printed on the back of our softball jerseys. I hear it came from when she was a little girl she used to wear pigtails all the time. Which also explains the softball card I made for her a while back ago. It's her in pig tails with the colors of our softball uniform and her grey and red baseball bag.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Panda Card

I made this card for my good friend Janel, also known as Janelly :) In high school I worked at a Chinese restaurant. I think I waited on Janel's family once when they came in to eat. Later she ended up getting a job there as well. Oh my goodness....working with her was a trip! I don't think we could have survived working there without the support of each other. It's so nice to look back and laugh at all of the shady things that went on behind the scenes at work. We joke about some of the customers that came in and the "mean" boss we had to deal with :)
The panda kinda reminded me of a Chinese restaurant (like Panda Express haha).