Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy's Birthday and Father's Day - Lakers Win!

Wow, what a championship series that was! I practically chewed off all of my finger nails watching Game 7 last night. (I have a bad habit of biting my nails. Imagine how I get when I'm nervous!) It was such a sloppy game, and I was nervous that the Lakers weren't going to pull it off. Kobe was cold but luckily Gasol and Artest backed him up. Finally halfway through the 4th, the Lakers were back on track and I'm so glad they pulled it off! 2010 NBA Champs! dad's birthday is June 20th which is the same day at Father's Day. I won't be able to spend it with him because he is driving down to LA to visit my sister. He visited me last, so now it's time to visit her. He doesn't ask for anything because he always says "Don't spend your money, I don't need anything". So, typically every year we go out to dinner or something because to him if we're spending money at least it's on food :) I emailed him earlier this month to ask if he wanted a new computer. The computer he uses is from when my sister was in HS. It's SO OLD! But he has the patience to deal with it. I told him I found a great deal online for a new desktop and that we were going to buy it for him, but he still said no.
So right after that email he sends a new one. My dad just started using the computer a few years ago, and he's not that technically savy with the computer. When he writes emails, they are usually just a few sentences long and about 50% of the time, he remembers to type something in subject line. June 7th, I get a cute email from. "Hi Anna.We go to L.A on June 19,can you tell Tracy buy me a Laker hat for my birthday.Dad." Copied and pasted straight from my inbox. It doesn't surprise me, I had one of those Laker flags you hang on your car window (during the 3-peat years and everyone in LA had one on their car). He wanted one so bad, so I gave him mine. Then I bought him a Laker t-shirt and he wears it proudly in central CA.
Below is a card I made for my dad the Laker fan.


  1. Absolutely adorable!!! MY husband was going for the Celtics!!! Yikes! :o)

  2. Perfect for the sports fanatic! Thanks for playing along with us at Fantabulous Cricut.

  3. Sports Fan perfection. What a great story about the flag and the shirt. I'm sure he will be so proud of this card. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. Thanks for playing at Fantabulous Cricut.

  4. What a fun card, the jersey is very cool, (even though I am a Suns fan;) Great job!! Thanks for playing along with us this week at Fantabulous Cricut:)