Thursday, July 15, 2010

Card Set

This post is long overdue. My friend Gwen's birthday was around the end of May, and I decided to make her a card set. This is actually the 1st card set I made. (Now that Brian and I bought a house, this may be my trademark gift this year) I found some really nice paper from a scrapbooking calendar that my friend Yen gave me. I decided to incorporate that paper because it matched perfectly with this shimmery beige paper that I found at Office Depot. with the two together it looked "classy". At the time I seemed like everything I was making felt very elementary or something that was just "cute". I decided to make 2 birthday and 2 thank you cards. Thanks to Momo I also made a matching box out of cardstock to put them in. She's up in the bay visiting some friends so hopefully I will be able to catch up with her tomrrow night.


  1. These are awesome! What a great idea! TFS!