Friday, July 30, 2010

Kid Birthday Cards

Leah my co-worker asked me to make 2 kid’s birthday cards for her nephew and niece. One is for a little boy who is turning 4. From what she’s told me Thomas the Train is a huge hit at her house. Although, I don’t have any images of Thomas, I decided to make a train. In order for each piece to line-up, I had to make this card rather large. I think it measured about 5x7. But it worked out perfectly because I was even able to add a little boy in the front. The other card she asked me to make was for a little girl turning 7. Her name is Daisy. She told me she DOES NOT like pink, so I went with the next best color: Purple :) I tried looking for a daisy cutout but couldn't find one on any of my cartridges. But I thought the flower in the corner worked out well :)

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