Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday and Going Away Card

My co-worker Yulise wanted me to make a birthday card for her sister-in-law. She knew exactly what she wanted made, so that made my job pretty easy. She wanted a somewhat larger card so she would have enough room to write with, so I went with a 5x5 card instead of the usual A2 size. She wanted the colors red and pink with lots of shoes and purses. So this is what I came up with. I like the polka dot ribbon. I thought it matched pretty well. I also like the bling bling I put on the shoes. I think it turned out pretty girly. I may use this layout for more cards to come!

I forgot to take a picture of the card before I gave it to Yulise. Luckily she was able to take a picture of it with her iphone. Whew!

Yulise also needed a going away card for her friend who was moving from New York back to Australia. Again, Yulise made this project really easy for me because she knew what she wanted for this particular card. She said she was at the bookstore one day and saw a card that she really liked. So she wanted me to incorporate the same design with this card. She wanted a scalloped edge along the side and an image that would "pop" out of a window on the front of the card. She wanted something that would remind her of NY. I originally thought of using a skyline to represent all of the historical buildings in NY, but I couldn't find the right cut out. Plus, I thought maybe it wouldn't match because the colors of a building would be grey, dark blue, or black. Luckily, I thought of the infamous I love NY shirts, so that is what I was able to come up with. I cut out a little shirt and added the lettering on it. From there I tried to find patterned paper that would match the colors pink, red, and black. The patterned paper I found had some blue circles on it so that is how I came up with the color scheme. This card is a pretty large card, I believe it is 5X7, but I wanted to make it big so there would be enough room to have a window on the front. It worked out pretty well!

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