Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I think we are finally done with the home improvements on our house! Well the major ones for now. There's still a few items left on our To-Do list and I don't think we'll ever be complete. There will always be something around the house that we want to fix or change.
- 33 gallons of paint later, the entire interior including the garage is painted. I don't ever want to see another can of paint again. We painted our house 3 times because of a paint color mistake at OSH....not a very fun experience AT ALL!
- Stained all of the kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets. Cut liner for each drawer/shelf.
- A couple of new light fixtures
- 9 new doorknobs and door stoppers. All very shiny and matching.
- So many new outlet covers and switch covers that I can't count how any we replaced.
- And many more lil' miscellaneous knick knacks that we bought from Home Depot/Lowe's

Now I can finally start unpacking boxes that we have stacked up in the living room. Once that's complete, I'll take pictures of the house to share w/ everyone. Then it's time to start planning for a Housewarming Party! Yay!

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