Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paper Source & The Container Store

Last night I took my friend Rujjira out for dinner at Santana Row. It was her birthday last week. Attached is the card I made her. Her and her husband recently got a puppy named Milo, so I tried my best to replicate an image of Milo. I thought the birthday hat was a nice touch. I also made her a card set with various types of cards to use throughout the year. I also made a bookmark. It was my 1st time making a bookmark. Her favorite colors are blue and silver. I'll see if I can find the photos of her goodies. (I may have forgotten to take pictures.)

Dinner was so yummy! We ate at Maggiano's Little Italy. Rujjira had never been there before. I'm so bummed because I totally forgot to stop by the cupcake joint to buy her a birthday cupcake! ARGH! Oh well, we were so full anyway. The portions there are HUGE. Not like C & O's back in LA, but close.

Then we went to the Paper Source and the Container Store. It was my first time at both of these stores. OMG, I think I spent almost 3 hours just walking around and touching everything. The paper store was soooo cute! Lots of printed paper and everything is organized by color and size! I was in paper heaven :) I don't know what happened but I walked out w/ a huge bag of random stuff.....

Same with the Container Store. I walked out with a huge bag of goodies. I've been wanting to organize my closet for a while now. I have too many shoes and clothes. Since I share a closet w/ Brian, I have to give up half of the space. Well actually only a 1/3 of the space :) haha So I've been trying to figure out how to maximize all of the space I have available. I found some great drawers and an over the door shoe organizer. The Container Store is pretty expensive, but the stuff I bought was on sale :) Although I was bummed at checkout to find out that my "Welcome to the Bay Area" 20% coupon didn't apply to sale items! ARGH x's 2. Oh well, at least now I can say "I bought that from the Container Store" :)

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